Etay Artzy

CEO, Marketing & Business Development


Etay has gained practical experience in electronics and radio communication during his years of military service. He then turned to science, first earning a bachelors degree in biology and medical sciences, then studying for a masters degree in medical sciences at the faculty of medicine, the university of Tel Aviv. During these years he has conducted research in the field of electrophysiology and has specialized in fluorescence microscopy at Gratz, Austria.
His experience in scientific deductive thinking serves him today in characterization of projects and planning of graphical interfaces.




Oren Agiv



After Graduating his Electronics & Electricity Engineering studies at the University of Tel-Aviv, Oren has gained many years of invaluable experience in computer programming, servers design, cloud computing and security. He masters several programming languages, including mobile development. During his younger years, he has been several times champion of martial arts, and as a decorated army Major, he still serves in the IDF artillary core from time to time. His dedication and meticulous attention to detail are the base of Paragon's excellent quality of products.

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