About Us

Full-stack Mobile & Web Solutions

Mastering a wide range of technologies, our dedicated team of specialists can tailor a cross-platform system which fits exactly to your needs.


Other than technical expertise, large-scale projects require high-quality standards, reliability, knowledge in security and international availability - both in person and afar. Our respectable clientele is the best credential for us meeting these requirements.


With over thirteen years of experience, Paragon has nurtured hundreds of projects from seed - to functional products. Our dedicated team will lead you through the process of project characterization, establishing a graphical user interface and design, and bringing them all together through meticulous programming.


Having done projects in numerous fields over the years, we have gained valuable knowledge in the following fields:


  • Cross-Platform Mobile Applications
  • Products Database Management, Storage and Stock Management
  • Credit Card Clearing Gateways, Web & Mobile Payment Applications
  • ERP, CRM and Intranet Solutions
  • Establishing Communication between Multiple-Systems API
  • Servers Design & Management and Cloud Computing


Our experience in the credit card clearing field has provided us with extensive knowledge in secure servers design, security and encryption protocols and encrypted data storage and transmission.


"...I’d like to call out the development team, and particularly the guys from Paragon, who built a great solution that performed very well!..."

Todd P. Michaud, President, Retalix USA


"In my name, and in the name of Poalim Capital Markets, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication... For your high availablity beyond regular working hours that has made our critical deadline possible... We are very glad to have had the chance of working with such a professional team.”

Hadas Segal, Marcom Director, Poalim Capital Markets


"...I would like to thank you for your performance under stress and uncertainty... for your cooperation and determination...”

Udi Weisner, CEO, Verifone Israel


Whichever field of business you are in, share your idea with us and we will provide you with the optimal end-to-end solution.

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